I had this UK import single at the time! I was surprised I fondly recognized and remembered the melody, and remember playing it a lot (at least as much as the rest of the disc, when many would've given "HF" the heave-ho, just 'cause of its length, if nothing else!

You had to be careful with El.....you never knew what special thing he'd add ONLY onto another country's single or album release of his product---which is what made it so much fun to collect him! And, in the late '70s/early '80s (when I worked at record stores with access to import distributors), I could order one just for myself, especially beneficial when we decided certain import product likely wouldn't sell in-store!

And, what a stunning edifice is/was the Hoover Bldg....a literal cover photo for a deco architecture text! Good one, Matt......thanks! A nifty trip down another memory lane!

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I always found this song unsettling -- and never knew anything about the building or “factory of which he spoke/sung/wrote. Learning that EC played all the instruments probably played a big part in it sounding different than the rest at the time, at least to me. I would love to hear the track sans vocals, as it feels counter to the rhythm of the vocal melody. That video was great; getting to see the actual building gave me a deeper understanding of the song. Especially seeing how it has changed over the years.

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