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Very much looking forward to the new and unfamiliar material. PFM is a top-10 Costello album for me and I've been playing it a lot lately. I remember Eddie Gorodetsky from Costello-l and the time he declared I'll Wear It Proudly as Elvis' best song ever. Knowing Eddie's WBCN background and pedigree I gave that some consideration and agreed. Still do, to this day.

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What a box! I haven't heard the '98 album in its entirety, yet...I know, my loss. I was so enamored of "Toledo," I didn't really move beyond that. Now, I'll have no excuse, plus I'll want to hear the new stuff! I find Gaga's embracing (however literally or figuratively) Tony Bennett and his musical art somewhat similar to EC's musical engagement with Burt.

El and Gaga, both, have loved and respected each artist's output for decades. And, each had the gravitas and professional entree to approach each singly. You and I could want to sing/write/record with whomever, but our calls or e-mails wouldn't even come close to being answered! Article-worthy, it'd be fun to debate which artist risked more (with the "threat" of losing their core audiences by hanging with someone, each so far out of their genre zone) by siding with their legend of choice! And, the results of each recording collab, and "fall-out" with their respective audiences/fans.

Holler if you wanna collab on that...I'd be happy to take up the Gaga/Tony mantle! I not only look forward to the box, Matt, but your writing about it! Cheers!

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Let's fucking go. All I need to know is who to Paypal, Elvis or Burt.

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